Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mango Mousse Cake

Have been looking around for the past 2 weeks for some cake ideas because the man that I love most (^.^)  is celebrating his 40th Bday!! After filtering out many many types of cake that I know I m unable to bake at all, finally gave him two choices, tiramisu or mango mousse cake, he chose the latter.  With my lack of experience (in fact, it was my 1st attempt on mousse cake) and skill (can see from the uneven edges) *blush* , this is the best i can do for my dearest hb.

Happy Birthday my Dearie!!

Big cake for our little celebration, mini heart shape cake specially for my dearie

see the uneven edge... :P

at least the this layer look decent enuff...hahahaa....

Sponge cake

5 eggs
250g cake flour
50g ice water
50g corn or veg oil
1 tsp of mango flavor essences

1. Put all ingredients (except corn/veg oil) in a mixing bowl and whisk at high speed till the mixture is thick.
2. Add the corn/veg oil and whisk at low speed till all are mix well.
3. Pour batter into a 8” round tin and bake @ 180c for 20-25 mins
4. Remove sponge cake from tin immediately and leave it to cool.

Mango Mousse

360g whipped fresh cream
330g mango puree
1 mango, cute into cubes
20g gelatin powder
4 Tbsp of water
40g sugar (optional)

1. Combined mango puree, water, sugar and gelatin powder in a pot and bring to boil till gelatin and sugar dissolved.  Leave aside to cool.
2. Whipped fresh cream till soft peak and mix into the above mango mixture and add in mango cubes.
3. Cut the sponge cake into 2 layer, lay the 1st layer at the bottom of an adjustable cake ring.
4. Pour half of the mango mousse onto the sponge cake and spread evenly.
5. Lay the 2nd layer of the sponge cake onto the mousse, pour the balance of the mango mousse onto the cake and spread evenly.
6. You can use a scraper to level the top and make sure that there is at least ½ inches left at the top of the cake ring for mango puree topping.
7. Chill the cake overnight.

Mango Puree topping

150g mango puree
50g water
1 Tbsp of plain agar agar powder

1. Combined all into a pot and boil till all dissolved.
2. Pour the puree topping thru a strainer
3. Cool down the puree a little and pour it on top of the mango mousse cake carefully.
4. Set the cake in the fridge for an hour

* Deco with fresh fruits before serving.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pastry Fruit Cake II

After my first attempt on this pastry fruit cake some time back, my kids have been pestering me to bake one more for them as they love it. Saw some Korean strawberries and blue berries at the NTUC so I decided to fulfill their wish.

I must admit that this is a very addictive cake. It has great texture and goes well with tea! This cake is definitely a keeper!!!

PS: , I didn't add any icing sugar on the top as I wish to cut down on the calories intake.


recipe can be found here (thanks to HHB)

Luncheon meat bun

I was at the supermarket looking for Korean strawberries when I suddenly recalled dar dar mentioning to me about one week ago that he misses luncheon meat bun.  Since he Bday is coming soon, So I thought it would be nice to start some pre Bday surprises for him by baking him something he likes.  So I bought a pack of bread flour and a can of luncheon meat. (^,^)


可爱的毛毛虫面包 ! @@@@" "@@@@

Basic Sweet Dough recipe can be found here.