Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tea Infused Baking

Attended "Tea Infused Baking" workshop yesterday with my buddy.  It was an interesting and fulfilling session, we learnt some new tricks and we are both very surprised that tea leaves can be incorporated in so many types of bakes.

I have tried making buttercream fo my cakes before but never succeed because the cream always end up too watery.  Not sure why?????  >.<  Luckily,the making of Marshmallow Buttercream for the Macarons is part of the workshop, its simple, taste nice and yet not too sweet. :)

Green Tea Macarons w Marshmallow Buttercream. 

I was so happy to see "feet" appearing during the baking. :)

Earl Grey tea is one of my favourite tea, it's a tea blend with a distinctive flavour and aroma derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit. Both my kids like the cake alot, boy commented that the top is cripy and the  inside is moist, he was hopping that I can make it again. :) To me, this recipe is certainly a keeper and I'm grateful to Anna, Sugar Inc for sharing.

Earl Grey Milk Tea Cake

Those little black dots are earl grey tea leaves...very sweet and smell heavenly.

Since ancient, Chamonile tea has been used as a healing drink so it's no wonder that it is estimated that over 1 million cups are ingested every day. It's best known ability is to help you relax. Many people like to drink it before bedtime as a sleep inducer and one herbal medicine guide claims that drinking chamomile tea before bed will stop nightmares.  Just wondering if it will be the same effect just by eating Honey Chamonile Cookies? (^.^) 

Personally I like this cookies as it was very crispy and it leaves a little minty taste in my mouth after eating. 
Honey Chamonile Cookies