Sunday, June 10, 2012

My first Pizza

Have always been telling my little girl that if you make a promise, you have to keep it.  *blushed* yet I broke one last week.  Supposed to make pizza for lunch last Sunday but I was not feeling very well, thus, feeling very tired and sleepy.  So end up, I just cook simple lunch and that make my girl very upset because she does not get to eat her fav pizza.

Feeling much better this week, I decided that I should keep my promise and make pizza for lunch today. 

I know that I do not have much time to spare in the morning to make the dough from scratch, so I use “betty crocker pizza crust mix|”.   This mix is easy to handle and make my making of the pizza crust a breeze.  It taste nice too.

I topped the pizza w black pepper chicken, ham, mushrooms, capsicums, sausages, eggs and lots of cheese!

My lil ones commented that this is the yummiest pizza they ever had, isn’t it sweet!!  (^.^)

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