Monday, May 20, 2013

Mini cake w ribena frosting top w sticky sweet

Exam are finally over!! Kiddos are extremely happy too!  

Rachel, my gal's classmate invited my kiddos over to her place to have some games after school today.  Rachel was my gal's BFF and our families are very closed knitted. We will meet up every Sunday morning for breakfast, afterwhich, Daddies will play with the kiddos while Mommies will catch up with gossips on school life/work etc.

Is kinda of rude to turn up at ppl hse empty handed right?? ^o^  so I decided to make something simple and likeable for lil kiddos. :) 

Mini cake w choc chips, top with refreshing Ribena Frosting & their favourite sticky sweets.  

Hope they have a great afternoon playing. 

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