Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tarte au Chocolate

The wonderful thing about treating yourself with this chocolate tart recipe is that just a little bit will satisfy my chocolate craving. A tart shell filled with a creamy, rich chocolate ganache makes a fantastic but sinful dessert.  :D

Chocolate Sablée
135g Cake flour, sifted                        
11 g Cocoa powder, sifted                 
65 g Butter, unsalted                          
50g Icing sugar, sifted                       
20 g Almond powder                          
30g Egg (abt 2 tbsp)                                              
1.    Preheat oven to 170oC.
2.    Mix flour and cocoa powder together in mixing bowl, rub in butter until looking like Brown) bread crumbs.
3.    Add icing sugar and almond powder, mix well.
4.    Create a well in the middle, add egg.
5.    Knead out well to form a dough, which should come together nicely and not crumbly (too dry) or sticky (too wet). Add a little egg if necessary.
6.    Roll-out dough to a 5mm thickness or big enough to cover a 7inch tart ring, cling wrap and let chill for about 15mins. Then gently press dough to line tart ring. Chill for about 15mins.
7.    Prick holes into dough with a fork.
8.    Bake at 170oC for about 15-20mins, till the edge is crisp.
9.    Let cool to room temperature.

65 g Milk, full-cream                          
140g Chocolate, finely chopped          

1.   Warm up milk.
2.   Turn off heat then add milk into finely chopped chocolate, let it dissolve completely and sit in room temp, stir occasionally. Mixture will thicken.
3.   Let cool to room temperature, add a little warm milk if ganache is too thick, pour into cooled chocolate tart shell. Let it set in room temperature, or in the chiller if you’re in a rush.

Chocolate decorations
200g Chocolate                    
1. Dissolve chocolate over a double-boiler.
2. Let chocolate cool to body temperature, fill paper cone (baking paper or parchment) or  piping bag, cut a small opening hole, design as desired on baking paper.
3. Let chocolate decorations chill for about 5mins.

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